Steps in Registration Process

  1. Log Into Application

    The username and password will be provided by your military contact or BDS military
    contact.  Please complete all registration information and submit (Print a copy of your registration for reference).
  2. Email Response

    You will receive an email from BDS containing a new student ID for your student(s) directed to the account provided in the Pre-Registration information. You must have an active email account to complete this process. You may create a free email account at Google, or other service. Be careful to insure that your provider will deliver email from the or domains.
  3. Complete Registration

    After your account is created, go to the Bay District Schools home page and select the 'Parent Portal' icon. Click on 'My Child' and the 'Request Changes to Student and Contact Info'. Log in and click on the tab with your student's name and complete the registration fields. This process must be completed for each student you register.
  4. When You Arrive

    Go to the school that you selected for your student(s) during the pre-registration process when you arrive in Bay County and present your Driver's License and other identification that will validate that you are a parent of the selected student.
  5. Pre K Registration

    This application is for Kindergarten through 12th grade students only. Pre-Kindergarten students can not be registered through this application.